ROCKI is a WiFi Music Sound System, the ROCKI "PLAY" is a tiny device that once you plug it into your sound system (HiFi, Mini-compos, Powered speakers etc.), it turns it into a WiFi Sound System. You can also think of the ROCKI "PLAY" device as a WiFi receiver for your sound system that receives music via WiFi and then plays it on your sound system. Then, there's the ROCKI App (Free of charge) that you install on your phone. ROCKI App lets you send music to ROCKI "PLAY" over WiFi, simply and effortlessly.  

Because it’s WiFi (instead of Bluetooth), the ROCKI WiFi System is not limited by walls and can bridge much larger distances than Bluetooth. You can use WiFi extenders to reach even further for large buildings. With the extensive use of WiFi on phones/tablets, you've got your home WiFi already figured out - ROCKI will simply work using your existing WiFi.




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