ynvisible’s vision is to bring everyday objects and surfaces to life, benefitting people in a smart and connected world.

ynvisible’s mission is to provide a practical human interface to the Internet of Things as it becomes the Internet of Everything.

ynvisible has developed and brought to market proprietary printed electrochromic (EC) displays that are low power, low weight, thin, flexible, transparent and robust. ynvisible displays can be easily integrated in high volume, e.g. into smart, interactive labels for packaging and CPG products.

The IoT market is set to explode and printed electronics is a key enabler given the cost and power consumption advantages over conventional electronics.  Increasing numbers of IoT products launching in different market niches are just the beginning for the IoT. Smart labels incorporating ynvisible’s electrochromic displays provide an ideal and easy to adopt “face to the IoT”. ynvisible’s mix of services, materials and technology is a unique combination, which is winning favour among brand owners developing their IoT products for a huge market in its infancy. 




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